Shelby at Home is for the Country Girls out there! 

The country life is culture, style, and way of life all its own. We are no stranger to hard work, but we are always just a step away from our Sunday best, too. We are dust and mud and glitz and glam with a little turquoise thrown in for good measure. Shelby at home is a collection of what I find to be the coolest parts of the country. I am an artist that loves country art, homes, and fashion. You will find a little bit of all of that here- great inspiration for your county life! 

About me and Where Shelby at Home came from

I live a bit of a semi-country life. I grew up in a farming village, Corrales outside the big city of Albuquerque, NM. Although I was one of only a handful of country kids at my high school of 2000+ kids, with my Corrales crew is where I always felt I belonged. Country folk are my people.

Growing up I spent about 90% of my life on horseback and if I wasn't riding I was drawing them. I was 4-H group and county president, president of AQHYA- NM, helped on a cattle ranch outside of Socorro, worked for a horse trainer and had a scholarship from the American Quarter House Journal that applied to any collage. I never imagined that I wouldn't always be a country girl, but it happened.

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For whatever reason, I got a bit spooked about leaving home for college. I decided to go to UNM- totally non-ag and so began my decade long hiatus from my country soul. First semester of college I met my hubby, a baseball player from New York who had never been on a horse in his life. We married just after college and after a couple moves and two kiddos later we settled into our little suburban house in Rio Rancho, NM. We fixed it up ourselves and it was a great house that was warm, rustic and had a big yard. My mom and I owned a Salon together and life seemed great. But something was missing.

You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out the girl.  

All of the sudden it hit me- I was a girl who rode horses and painted and, at that time, I hadn't done either in over a decade. I secretly scoured realtor.com for affordable homes in my beloved Corrales, where we could still keep our work life, but I could return to my country roots. I needed to be able to put some chickens in my backyard, walk my dog on the ditch and sit under a cottonwood tree.

I found our house, a giant fixer upper and we went for it!

Shelby at Home is about me returning to my home- literally and figuratively

Corrales is where I grew up, but I also returned to my country roots where my soul feels at home. These are my people, this is my place, the country is my home.

Bien con mi Alma-  

...and my NY boy looks pretty good on tractor!

Bien con mi Alma- 

Bien con mi Alma-