As a creative, one thing is Essential: Create or Die

It is not a physical death. It is an internal waning of he part of you that really loves to live. I always felt that I needed to suppress my creative side because it wasn't practical, or I was leaving myself to vulnerable. The truth is when you are a creative you have no choice. When our path is set and we do not use the toolbox the universe sent us here with, the Universe will push back and our whole existence suffers. We feel depressed, anxious, unsettled, and misunderstood. We lose the happiness we all crave. I am on a mission to help others squash their fear of judgment and live their purpose where their soul feels at home. I know the pressures of this because I too had to overcome the obstacles that sometimes come with deciding to live from our heart.   

Deciding to become the artist i always held inside of me was my freedom, my space to run, my path. It is where my Heart feels at home. 

These are few pieces of my art work today. Mainly western art I have been inspired by movement, colors and the animals of country life. I also have some other fun ones in there. My style is usually a combination of a brunaille, and glazing techniques to create depth and movement. I love to work in oils, but pencil really speaks to me. I am definitely more of an illustrator at heart, but can't help facing the challenge of oils. I love experimenting and seeing how I can manipulate the painting in just the right way. 

Painting, illustrating and making art is my therapy. When I get into a painting I get a bit of 'runners high' for artists where the whole world just melts away. Hours go by and I always wish I had more. Nothing can calm my brain and ease the craziness of life like being nose deep in creating a piece of art- nothing like it. 


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