I want to give every individual something that truly represents their most Authentic Self- 

A reminder to live from your heart and love the life you wake up to. 

Vintage Inspired Art by Shelby Hohsfield

The Process

The first step is for us to have a phone consultation, go over options, and discuss the opportunities. I then ask if you have any photos of what you are interested in. If you don't that's okay. We can do some research, work together and come up with a composition that fits. We can look at sizes and color choices and where to go with your custom art piece. 

A couple things to consider-

         It is about a 1 month turn-around and time slots do get booked up. If you are looking for your piece for a special occasion timing might need to considered.

        I am a figure painter- this means I love to work with highlighting images. The backgrounds in my paintings are very loose or non existent in order to have the figure stand out.

        I like to have a pretty clear idea from you before we begin as to what you are looking for. Good communication between us is important.