It's simple- live your purpose

Life Lessons, Inspiration and Art with Shelby Hohsfield 

This is a place where women can come to be inspired to live their best lives through motivational words and inspiring art. 

I help women find their strength and squash their fear of social JUDGMENTS. I want them to live their purpose where their soul is at home. We all have a path and only the man upstairs knows where we are going. i focus our journey on 3 core elements- family and social networks, god and spirit whatever that is to you, and your personal space to run which is our ultimate goal- the freedom to be you.


I truly believe that everyone on Earth is trying to be happy. Most of us just don't know how to get there. 

I focus on three key aspects of our core, Family, God and Space to Run in order to steer lives toward finding the ultimate path laid out for each individual. 

This life is about learning. Sometimes we must learn hard lessons, but the Universe does have a purpose for all of us. 


Understand a Family or Social System's role in our lives

Develop a Spiritual Sense of Self and an understanding of the One who is so much bigger than ourselves

Recognize our life's true Purpose

Develop Goals toward our Enlightened Life

Find the Freedom and Courage to Act on these Goals- Our Personal Space to Run 

Rise above social pressures and criticism and live our best life 

Do the unexpected and Really Live from your heart- Where your Soul Feels at Home

are you ready to find where your soul feels at home?

Join Me in EXPLORING our creative side- 

DECIDING TO BECOME THE ARTIST I ALWAYS HELD INSIDE OF ME WAS MY FREEDOM, MY SPACE TO RUN, MY PATH. IT IS WHERE MY HEART FEELS AT HOME. I want my painting to inspire you to embrace your freedom from within. I want it to give you the courage to do the unexpected and find your space to run!

Have you ever felt like you know exactly where you and your heart should be headed, but just can't pull the trigger. Have you ever pulled the trigger just to wish you could take it back because of the reaction from those you love? Have you ever felt alive with an idea or a path that makes you so excited you can't even sleep at night, but refuse to even tell your close circle because of fear of how those you love will react?? If you said yes to any of these than I know exactly how you feel. How we have been socialized to act, behave, and generally live affects us more than we know it. So much so, that our hearts can be fully on board with what direction our lives should go, but the ingrained social ties on us keep us living lives that really are not our true purpose.

An analogy I often use is it is like walking around in shoes that are way to small for way too long while the perfect pair of shiny, new kicks sits just within eyeshot, singing to us to`1q please come try them on. Meanwhile, we walk around in pair after pair of pumps, tennies and flats that no matter how hard we try, just don't fit.

I am on a mission to help you squash your fear of judgement and live your god given purpose, where your soul is at home.

We have to work at overcoming the fear of Social criticism and pursuing our passions and path from God.

Keys to moving forward...

If it is a decision that will bring you closer to God, then it is not the wrong path.

If despite the social criticism your soul still feels at peace than it's the right thing to do.

Do you know God has a plan and purpose for you in your life. Do you know that there is a plan and a purpose for all of us in life. God has a plan for us.

Books i'm loving right now-

Already read it twice!

Top Charts on Amazon Downloads and such a great read for inspiration in life. 

But I would be lying if I said I 'read' this book- Really I am addicted to audible. Pretty much the best thing ever invented!!

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