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My whole life I wanted to live off the 'small ditch' in Corrales, NM my home town. It part of what they call the green belt, a valley on either side of the Rio Grande filled with old farms, irrigation ditches, and big cottonwoods. Problem is, so do a lot of other people these days and it's not always so affordable. After a decade long hiatus from the country life, I knew I had to come home- home to the country and home to Corrales. We bought a giant fixer and it has been more than an adventure! 

My dog and I on a walk on the small ditch!

My dog and I on a walk on the small ditch!

People always ask, "How is the house? Are you done with the remodel?" 

Oh my goodness, I just have to laugh! Our house is in a perpetual state of remodel. I'm giving it 10-15 years. Exposed studs, random concrete floors, a pile of about 4000 sq ft of bricks waiting to be laid in the front yard- all this is just par for the course at the Hohsfield Hohsienda. When one's house is always 'under construction' two options are at hand- 1) I could wallow in self pity of massive overwhelmedness of this project that sent us way in over heads, never invite anyone over, and cry (occasional breakdowns of this do occur); or 2) I can celebrate the fact that I get to see a crazy transformation occur on a regular basis even if it is small, and invite others to enjoy it too.  Even though sometimes it takes massively convincing myself I know the latter is the best choice. 

On that note, here are some of our projects...

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