A Mason Jar of Love

My Granny's house was always just one of my absolute favorite places. 

How to Bottle a memory

Maybe it was because it was just so different, but whatever the reason was, it just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It is the way a home should make you feel. We would drive for hours and hours to  my Granny and Grandfather's house. I want to say about 13 hours or so. Coming from New Mexico and its largely brown landscape, I could remember as a kid thinking that I had never really seen the color green until we drove into south Texas. It glowed.

We would pull over a little creek down  a small dirt road to see Johnny and Gladys Kocurek's country red brick home. They had these trees that hung over the driveway. Huge trees. 

On one of the last trips out there I knew it would be one of the last times I would ever see that house, ever see my Granny. My Grandfather had passed away years before. Granny was turning 90. 

I wanted to so badly to just take those memories and bottle them up...and that's just what I did. 

Those trees that stood so tall in the front yard dropped these crazy round pods. Very interesting and so texas. I took them and put them in an old mason jar I found there and literally bottled up a piece of Texas, a piece of Granny's house. It's always a reminder of that trip and that home- a Mason Jar of memories and love. 

Mason Jar of Memories

Steps for COMPLETING your own mason jar of love and memories. 

  1. The first step is to find the perfect mason jar. it needs to be big enough to fit what you want in it. the older jars sometimes have difficult lids. you might want to consider a good new one. They have started doing a bunch of the throw-back colors of mason jars such as purple, green and blue. Make sure that if you want to see whats in it that the color is not too distracting. 
  2. Find something that original to the place of interest. It can be organic or machine made. Just make sure it is not something that will continue to break down. Things like leaves and such are no good to bottle until completely dry. Any moisture in the jar will get a bit funky. 
  3. Put it together and say a silent prayer. If it's a memory worth remembering it's worth thanking God for. 
  4. Put it somewhere to allow those memories to flood in exactly when you need them. Somewhere that will make you smile. 

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