Fly'n High and Timeless Cowboy Art 1.3

Timeless Cowboy Art

This was a fun one! This painting emodies to me everything that a fun modern cowboy oil painting should. Action, color, hooves, horse hair and leather. 

Fly'n High brunaille technique as an under-painting. 

This painting was done with a using a brunaille technique as an under-painting. Brunaille's are executed in entirely shades of brown. Grisailles are paintings executed in shades of grey. They are often used as an under-painting and then, as in this painting colors are glazed over the under-painting. 

I love this technique because it allows for so much depth. I love the control of perfectionism. That together with the glazing makes just enough imperfect to make it interesting. 

I love doing the backgrounds in something dramatic yet does not take away from the detail of the figure. 

I particularly love this painting for its Fly'n High and Timeless Cowboy Art style. I love how it turned out. 

Fly'n High
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The colors, the feeling, everything about this painting just screams fly'n high! This painting is so cowboy to the core with the a contemporary, bright feel! 

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My under painting I consider to be more of a Brunaille due to the level of detail I put into them. I have many painting that I have just chosen to leave in this state almost as a sepia painting. My Brunaille's differ from many other's because I typically use dead paint, meaning I paint using mineral spirits to thin the paint, and I do not use whites or blacks/blues to alter the value. I use the terp or mineral spirits to alter the value almost more like watercolors by thinning the paint and scrubbing in more paint when a deeper value is needed. It is important to note that while I do this step a bit different, I do always obey the fat over lean rule. When I start layering using a medium the mineral spirits is shelved. More on mediums in another post. 

What to Use

When doing a my under-painting I usually use one or a combination of these three colors. My favorite paint brand currently is M Graham because it is super creamy and soft, mixes well with a medium, and goes a long way. The colors are vibrant and I always just love the feel of the paint on my brush. My favorite of these colors is burnt sienna. It looks like a true sepia and really I could order it in mass amounts because I use it in every painting somewhere. I also use soft, sable brushes and a tough, small cat's tongue brush for scrubbing in. I'll get more into the brushes in another post.