A New Mexico Farmhouse Entryway: Features

Favorite Items From This Space

Burt's Bees Cotton Blossom Soy Candle

I have always loved all things Burt's Bees. I bought this candle at the store the other day not knowing what to think. I have never heard of a 'cotton blossom' scent. I love it! It's bright white which I think looks so pretty in here and it burns great. 

Milk Glass Vases

Milk Glass is just so classic. I have always thought it to be such a simple addition to any design to brighten it up and make the whole space feel more authentic. Recently, there has been a big jump in popularity with Milk Glass. I've seen them stacked on shelves as a collection to complete that white, farmhouse look. Recently, a saw a great idea where a gal used them as wedding center pieces. So pretty and classic. 

Vintage Sewing Machine Cabinet

This cabinet was a gift from my grandma. It had been my great, great aunts and had been kept in perfect condition. When my Aunt Rose passed away my grandma had asked if I would like her old sewing machine. I didn't know what I was saying yes to, but I am never one to say no to any nostalgic antiques, let alone an heirloom. Since they live about an eleven hour drive away it took a couple years before it made it to my house. I is truly beautiful and a favorite of mine. 

I admit, I entertained the idea of chalk painting the table. Check out this site to see how this might look. If it hadn't been in such good condition, I would have painted it. In the end, it was just too pretty in its natural wood state. See other tables to purchase like this one here.

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Accessories

These were actually a cool surprise to me. When I started shooting for this post I had no idea these were hidden in a bag packed under the sewing machine. When I popped the machine open I couldn't be more excited. I have a weekness for old-school packaging. When I hit up an antique store if I don't see anything else I will still almost always end up with some cool little box, old canister, or tin. Almost all my designs include something to this affect. Finding these accessories was pretty special. See other accessories like these to accent your design here. 

Roman Portraits Vintage Book

The color and texture of this book made it perfect for this space. It was neutral and large and was a perfect find. 

Vintage Window

I never pass up a vintage window. I have used them in so many designs and gives such a beautiful, rustic backdrop to any space. I found this one at a friends salvage shops. It was super dirty and had basically been left and forgotten in the elements. Fortunately for me, that is just how wanted it. A little windex and it was ready to go. See other windows to make the backdrop for your space here.  

Round Floor Rug

I have not added this to my space yet, but it is really needed. I found a fabulous rug on Wayfair that is in my shopping cart now. See it here. 

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