5 Essentials to Every Home Decor Space

My design style is not like any other. It is not just all white, or strictly modern, or colorful or really artsy.  

An old friend of mine once said, "You realize your house doesn't look like most people's." I don't know whether this was meant to be a compliment or or not to be honest, but really it didn't matter. I realized it too.

My style just comes natural to me because it is a part of me. It's not simply aesthetics- my home is part of my heart. 

My style is a little bit of all the styles above, but it's held together by its authenticity to me and what I love. That being said, there are five essentials all my remodeled spaces must have...

5 Essencials to Every Home Decor Space- What are most most important things I include in every remodeled space I create. shelbyathome.com 

Number 1: Give Me Some Vintage

This is a given! While I do have some reproductions in my designs, the items that I truly love come from estate sales, antique stores, and hand-me-downs. It runs in the blood. My momma dragged me to every antique store there was when I was little and I loved it. Going antiquing is still my favorite thing to do. Now I bring my baby girl. Real vintage pieces have value to me way beyond the dollar amount. It's history.  

5 essentials every space should have- how to create a space from the heart. shelbyathome.com

Number 2: The Architecture Needs Highlighted

Not all spaces have great architecture, but all spaces have history of their own. When I used to dream about the house I wanted for my future I would say that I wanted a house that looked like it had been there 100 years and that it would be there for another 100. I wanted the house to speak for itself. I try to approach every design in the same way. Every space has a history. I like to highlight each home/ space in its best light. I want to highlight anything that brings feeling and past emotion into the space because good architecture has personality of its own. Living in an authentic New Mexican home I take great pride accentuating its New Mexican architecture. It tells a story. 


Number 3: Has to Come From Somewhere Cool

Truth be told, 80% of the decor pieces in my home that I really love were handed down from family or people that meant something to me. I was talking to Abbey, my sister about this. In her words... 

"...I totally relate to that. My design style has to do with connections to our family. The history of our ancestors actually using the item or the idea it was in their house makes me so happy. I have the old frame that was always next to (our great, great grandma) Vilasta's bed and it's one of my favorites. Or using granny's measuring cup that her hands used to measure flour... It sparks a passion." 

For the items that are not hand-me-downs, I want to know something about where they came from. As much info I can get on any item the better. When I look at them I want to feel like I have a connection to where it's been.

Number 4: Show Some Wear, Have a Story, Been Re-purposed

If I have an item that was used for something, loved by someone, had a purpose in someones life and now I get to use it for display... its just so cool. An old sewing machine light as a corner light in my living room, A milk jug as a flower vase, an iron as a door stop, I love reusing items. This is where my industrial side kicks in. I love old machinery with working parts. Someone put time into making that work and then used it. I love old tins. I love items that clearly have a history just because they were used.

Number 5: Made in the USA

In a day in age where everything is made in china, Is there anything cooler than seeing 'made in the USA' stamped on the back of a vintage item? I think this was ingrained in me from my veteran- marine Poppop who wouldn't even let us drive an 'un-American' car without hearing a mouthful. But truly, there is a real sense of pride when I pick up one of my vintage cameras from my collection, or look on the back of an old vase and see the words 'made in the USA'. The craftsmanship just makes me happy. This is my Vintage- American Design style. 

These 5 things bring a space than is more than aesthetics- it's heart and happiness. 

The most important part of any space is that when you are in it, it makes you happy-

these 5 are essentials to every home decor space i create.  

5 Essentials to Every Home Decor Space

What are your favorite spaces? Comment and share below...