A Master Bedroom Remodel Reality


A master bedroom retreat that is warm, inviting, cozy and someplace we just want to stay forever. This is the second attempt at this room. We are on mission completion!


Not including what we have already spent, the second go at this room we are estimating at about $1000, most of that going to plastering the walls. 

Time Frame:

We had originally thought this would be done months ago. Now that inspection issues have been taken care of, this is our March Project! 

A Master Bedroom Remodel- Our March Project- shelbyathome.com


Plan of Attack:

I would be lying if I said our master bedroom remodel was all sunshine and rainbows...

The reality is we have spent the last 7 months in our guest bedroom. We moved out with all the intention of getting the whole thing done before winter came. Unfortunately, that did not happen. It started off well, but was derailed when an inspector came through for the project we were doing with the solar and did not like that we had moved an electrical outlet in the master without a permit. Being honest, all projects should have a permit, but seeing that it was just an outlet and a light switch we had not gone through the trouble. We had a professionally done by a licensed electrician and we didn't think anything of it. The inspector, again here on a totally different project, red tagged everything in our house including the solar until we got a permit for our master, and he approved it. To say this was a fiasco is an understatement. It is an old house and there were and will forever be issues. He failed the master bedroom 4 times for a total of 5 trips over months of agony. By the time the dang thing passed we had moved onto other projects and basically settled into the guest bedroom. We are now starting over. Remodelling the master bedroom second time around. This time we are making it to the finish line.  


Oh, it was bad. I don't know what was worse- the '80's checkerboard marble tile, the doggy door that had just been open to the world for the two years it had sat vacant, the dingy peach ceiling, or the french doors that you could literally see gaps around the whole door to the outside. It could have also been the gaping holes that had went to the furnace, the swamp cooler that didn't work, the horrible '80's can lights or just the general scariness of the whole thing. But is had potential...

And we bought it... 

Some things had to be done right away I painted all the ceilings white. They are wood ceilings and very pretty, but not in the current state they were in. To this day, spraying all the ceilings in the July heat with no ac is still the worst project I have done yet! We had the doors replaced and I painted the walls my favoite color- Gallery Gray from Valspar. We installed a new light. and we cleaned the bageezes out of the whole thing. Then we moved in awaiting the day when we could really remodel.


I do believe that living in a home for a bit before remodel can help to make clear what really needs done. Different issues present themselves than you wouldn't have seen coming.

During the first year that we lived in the room before we decided to jump full into remodel a few issues made themselves real clear. The big thing was it was cold. Our home is adobe and our bed sat right up next to a North facing wall. No sunshine an adobe wall= freezing. We had gotten the furnace going and it ran through under slab ducts that that were in total disrepair. About this time I developed a lung situation that the doctor said was COPD- yikes!! Whether this was the ceiling painting in my lungs, or what lay in those ducts I don't know, but we covered them up and installed Fujitsu mini splits in all the bedroom. It sounded like a great idea, but with that big wall of ice, it was still just cold! In addition, for having such a big house our closets were just pathetic. I put my brain to work and came up with this plan.  


The tile came up relatively easy. To our benefit, they hadn't done a great job installing it. Low and behold, where the doggy door had been open to the elements all that time before we bought the house, enough water had gotten in and under the tile right under where my side of the bed had been.  Mold! Fortunately, It was easily eradicated. In addition, I sealed up the old ducts with concrete. As the most expensive thing we have done thus far, the heating a cooling is still an issue to me. I'll write a post about it sometime and share. I bought some beautiful carved posts from Groff Lumber here in the North Valley as accents and got to work framing. This is one project that Carl and I really did battle together. We framed up the walls, tore down the old closet wall, insulated the heck out of the new wall where our bed will be next to, and sheet rocked it up.

Like I said earlier, we did have an electrician (a reputable company mind you)  come and move a socket and install a new light switch.

Oh the brick... I think it is actually a bit comical now how I was scared to take the tile out of the kitchen in my last house. At this time, I have now laid about 3000sqft of brick- Take that hgtv fixer weekend warrior rehabers! I will do a whole post on how to lay New Mexico Style brick. Here some of the progress picks. 


Starting place for our remodel part 2

Master bedroom remodel at shelbyathome.com

And this is where is has sat for the last few months awaiting inspection approval. We have finally received the go-ahead and we are ready to go for it!

Plan for this week...

We are scheduling a guy to come plaster the walls. I had wanted to do a really pretty colored plaster that is big here in New Mexico, but for cost purposes have decided to go just go with a super smooth plaster and paint. Plaster, paint and putting together an inspiration composite for decor is on the list of to-do's for this week!

Check back in next Monday for a progress report on our Master Remodel Project.


What do you think of this remodel so far? What direction would you go with the decor? Like, share, and comment below...