A New Mexico Farmhouse Entryway: Behind the Design

A New Mexico Farmhouse Entry: Behind the Design, shelbyathome.com



What we started with:

This space is one that was made during a course of remodel. Formerly part of the pantry, this space was created to allow natural light into the kitchen and provide a more natural doorway to the rest of the house. (Rather than through the pantry, which was very awkward!)

  • Architecture: this home is a bit of a New Mexican Farmhouse: exposed wood ceilings painted white, white rough cut trim,  and brick floors.
  • Any pieces to keep: An Antique Sewing Table from my Great Aunt as a maybe for the space.
  • Biggest Challenge: Something pretty to fit in a narrow space. Seen from the Kitchen so needs to go with the style of the house. Needs to be inviting into the space. 
  • Size: Whole Entry size is 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 with 10ft ceilings. 

Inspiring and Surrounding Spaces:

We wanted to make sure the decor of the space went with the kitchen and the style the kitchen has taken on. The space is directly seen from the kitchen through the new arch and is highlighted by the natural light from the window in the space. I also drew inspiration from my instagram feed. It really represents me and what I like. I tried to stay true to the feeling of the feed to create a space that felt authentic to me. 

Looking for your own Custom Design?

Custom Design for the Space

Mood Board: 

When putting together a mood board for a space I pull photos from many sites. I like to see them all together to see what colors work, what styles look good, and if the direction I'm going makes sense. 

Sources for this mood board and the rendering below included photos from the following: Troy Builders, Glamour, home-biba, hometalk.com (Some great ideas for sewing tables are on this link), Martha Stewart, and Wayfair. Click on each of these links to see more inspiration from their sites.


I decided to put together a rendering for this space to how these items would look all together. I also narrowed down what it was I was looking to put into this space. 


I love doing illustrations of the spaces I'm designing, even if its just a rough sketch. It really clears up any doubt I have and gives me direction. 

A New Mexico Farmhouse: Illustration, shelbyathome.com
Photo Feb 04, 11 45 29 AM.jpg

See the Custom Shopping List for This Space on 2/7/17

Before and After

I would love to create a custom design just for you?

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