A New Mexico Farmhouse Entryway: Renovation

The Before

This photo was taken when were still in the process of purchasing the house. The entry to the pantry was dead center in the kitchen through weird saloon doors. It made the kitchen dark and the entrance to the rest of the house odd. You had to go through the pantry to get through the rest of the house. 


A New Mexico Farmhouse: Original Layout

We decided to rework the design to allow for a better route to the other side of the house and allow more natural light into the kitchen from the 'pantry' window. I also really wanted a gas range and I just knew there had to be a line burried in the wall. 

A New Mexico Farmhouse: New Layout


The Pantry was, honestly oversized to begin with at about 8 1/2 x 20ft. Crazy- The new layout would make the pantry still big but a reasonable size at 8 1/2 x 12 1/2ft and the entry a cozy space of 8 1/2 x 6 1/2ft- not a bad space.  

Construction Began


Construction when you are living in a home is never easy. When it's plaster dust all over your kitchen it can make you a bit crazy. This project from start to finish took over a year. There were a lot of moving parts and doing most of it on our own made for many days of nothing but drywall. 

I could tell by an exposed pipe outside the house that there had to be a gas line into the house. The rest of the house has gas and I just had a feeling. Why anyone would ever just eliminate gas in a kitchen is beyond me. So many things in the house that were 'updated' through the years by previous owners are just silly, but I guess that's part of the fun. We tore into the wall and went for it. Low and behold it was the gas line was there! Yay!

We re framed the wall to accommodate the new doorway and close up the old. We have other big arches in other parts of the house and decided it would fit the Spanish feel of the home. Electrical needed to be re ran and the gas line had to be ran to where our stove would one day go. Then we drywalled.

At this point, it sat for a while. I really can't tell you why other than we had about 50 other projects going on. As the thought of Christmas stared approaching we decided to gear back up. Nothing like a deadline to get things moving! We had the wall plastered. As that was being worked on I laid brick. We had bought our brick in bulk here in Albuquerque at the manufacturer where they literally make the bricks. We bought enough to do the whole house New Mexico style and have slowing chipping away at the pallets in our front yard. For this small space I decided to go with a heiring-bone pattern. The cuts for this pattern are murder so I have only done it in the small spaces we have despite it being my favorite.   

Brick Patterns

Check out bricking in action here- 


When it came time to paint, my absolute favorite color right now is Gallery Grey, formerly Lyndhurst Gallery Beige. I think they changed the name to appear more current, but it's the same color. It sets such a great backdrop while not being too cool, too warm, or being too distracting. The color code with Valspar is 2006-10B. I am seriously considering painting the sti=stucco of the whole house this color. 

A New Mexico Farmhouse: Before and After


Seeing these pictures makes me laugh. Living in a constant fixer-upper, I sometimes forget how far we have come!

Poco a poquito- Little by little

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