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Inspiring creative Freedom- About shelbyathome.com

What is Shelby at Home:

Tackling home remodel, highlighting inspiring people, and creating inspirational art. I do this all to encourage and inspire YOU to do what makes your heart feel at home. 


There was a time in my life where everything else became way more important than who I was. Momma's out there maybe you can relate. Even Adele at the Grammy's just a couple weeks ago admitted to falling into this. As she was accepting her Grammy for best album of 2016 she admitted that after she had her son four years ago she felt like she had lost herself a bit. I am no stranger to bouts of depression or times of upward stress. College, 2 kids and postpartum, job stress and, well, life have been a bit of a roller coaster of emotions. I have been through my share of 'who am I's' and feeling like I have a case of a missing identity. There was a time when someone asked me, "what is it you like to do?" I replied, "I paint and ride horses." Then the shocking truth hit me- I hadn't done either in a decade.  I had lost myself. 

It's easy to say, "yeah but I'm busy being a mom." But if momma ain't happy, nobody is. It wears on everyone. 

This blog is meant to chronicle my story of rediscovering my creative self with the purpose of inspiring you to do the same. If I can help one suppressed, creative soul find the courage to let loose and be themselves's, then I have done my job. Nothing heals like letting your creativity and life passions free. Really, I'm sure there is a study somewhere to support how creativity can be an emotional cure. 


I want to inspire YOU. You the college girl who has been told taking art classes is a waste of money. You the momma going through a bit more than the baby blues. You the business women sitting slumped over at your desk. You who is repressing that creative tiger inside. I am talking to YOU creative girl! I want to inspire you because nothing heals and nothing feels as good as when your creativity comes alive and your heart can feel at home. 

I'm not trying to get you to love everything I do. I'm trying to get you to love everything you do! Be your authentic self!


A little more about me

"I'm always trying to narrow things down, decide what one thing I'm going to really pursue. I make myself crazy thinking about how I'm going to make the 'one thing' work out. Reality is I have never just done one thing- not the way I have ever rolled. I have always had more than one job and about 5 other side things going at the same time. I'm just going to embrace it. No more guilt. I work better under pressure and with a time crunch. I am a project manager, salon owner, permanent makeup artist, eyelash tech and counselor, artist, home remodeler, amateur photographer, blogger, mom, wife, daughter, sister and general go-getter. My favorite thing to do is create something and walk my dog. Bucket list items include speaking Spanish fluently, playing the piano, and fly fishing at my mountain home (doesn't exist yet and I've never played the piano). I have come to the conclusion that things are never going to get easier, I will always be a little crazy, and there will be more hard times to come, so why not just have fun with all that is on my plate in the meantime. Writing this to just clear my brain. Not usually one to share this much, but thought while embracing this I would say it out loud. So there you go..."


I would love to create a piece of art to represent you living your passion- where you feel at home, to remind you not to forget what makes you the special person you are. 

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