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Benefits of Coloring and Art Therapy

The coloring for adults trend has recently exploded. Meditative coloring books are in every book store, craft shop and local Walmart. As an artist, I have always felt that art is absolutely my most coveted therapy time. Now it seems art therapy has transcended all barriers and ended up in the lap of anyone looking for some mindful peace. What are the benefits of coloring and art therapy? Here are six believed benefits of coloring to stimulate positive mental health mental health. 

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Authenticity vs. Purpose: 5 Ways to Move Closer to a More Authentic Life

So where do we start? The key to finding our authentic self is not just saying, "okay, now I will pay attention to what I want in life." No- it is finding ourselves in the quiet. For many of us our genuine self has been berried under years and years of social muck. For others it is simply that life is changing and a new season will bring to light a new piece of one's self. No matter where you are at the best place to start is with these four basic steps...

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