Exciting Developments in our Master Bedroom Remodel

We are making progress!

This week our goal was to get the walls plastered, paint, and come up with an inspiration composition for the space. I was able to get 1 1/2 out of three done. I home renovation terms I'm saying that is a win.

Seeing that Shelby at Home is all about empowering you girl bosses out there to take on projects of all kinds yourself, hiring someone else to do the work seems out of charterer.

Truth is, sometimes that can be a project in and of itself. Hiring someone to do work on our house has always been a mission. The price has to fit, I have to find a way to make that extra money (yes my house does own me) and then we have to see eye-to-eye on what we want the finished project to look like. 

Tip: Don't be afraid to ask for a firm price. It is easy to get intimidated, but you will save yourself a headache in the end. Make sure to ask if this will include everything from start to finish, or if there will be materials costs, other laborers, etc. Stand up for what you want. 

The plaster guy couldn't come until yesterday making it obviously impossible to paint as well. As I said last week, I had wanted to go with this super pretty colored plaster that is really popular in New Mexico homes where you don't need to paint it. But for cost purposes, I had to just go with regular plaster that I will paint. This great guy, Beto is doing it. He and his wife are from Mexico. His English is bad and my Spanish is even worse. Together we seem to manage, but barely. Mostly, I think he is cursing my bad workmanship, but seeing that we really don't speak the same language (literally and figuratively) we both just smile and say "it's okay." I have to laugh. He is messy, but for the good price and the willingness to make it work, I'll take it and I'll clean. I asked him to also make the kiva fireplace smooth. It had a really rough texture to it. It will be so much prettier smooth. He ran out of supplies and time to finish it. He will have to continue that this next weekend. In the meantime, I should be able to sand the walls a bit to get them super smooth and paint. Here is the progress on the construction side...


The Design and Shopping

Now for the fun part! I put together a bit of a design compilation and I am super excited to get started making it a reality. This is what I have came up with for the bed view...

Tip: Pinterest is the place to find what you like. If you screen shot what you like it will go onto a secret board that you can go back and reference later to see where to purchase. 

This is just inspiration, but click on each pic to see where I found the ideas...

What I plan to do with this inspiration...

  • The Anthropologie quilt is amazing and I want this exact one. However, it may be over the budget seeing as though we have had some other crazy expenses come up in this last week. (read below). It is on sale right now, and if I can swing it this is the one I want. Click the image to shop.
  • I have two big gates in our back courtyard. They are so pretty and just going to waste out there. They have the perfect patina and I can't wait to transform them into my perfect headboard. 
  • The side tables are actually going to be cabinets I am re-purposing. I have had them for a while. They will need a new coat of paint (always use chalk paint for furniture, it really is better) and some new cool knobs.
  • The horse picture is actually going to be one I took (not this one). Stay tuned this week to see it and have the option to buy it for your home from the shelby at Home store. 
  • I already bought the rug I am going to use at, of all places Sam's Club. I know, right? but really sometimes you just find a deal!
  • This painting of the girl here is beautiful (not one of mine). I am going to paint something similar for this space. I'll post on it once it comes together. 
  • The forever sign is one I like. I actually have others already at home that I think will work. If you really like this one here click on the image to see where to buy. 
  • This particular chandelier is from Lowe's and a great deal. I already have it. Click on the image to read more. 
  • The pillows. I got this idea on Pinterest. You can read more by clicking on the image. To purchase them on Amazon click here. I was totally shocked that these came from Amazon. 
  • The lights and table pieces are things I have. These are the little finishing touches that I'm going to have to play with. 

Note: This week we hit a bit of a financial snag. We still own our very first home (housing market crash leftover). This week we had some crazy wind storms as we do here in New Mexico in the Spring. It blew down fences on both sides of the house. Eek. The renter called and we will have to split the cost with the owners on either side of the house. Bummer. Because of this, my decor budget may be a bit crunched. I may be able to make it up with work, but for now, we will have to see. 

This week the plan is to paint and start shopping for the things that will need to be shipped. Super excited to be making real progress. 

What do YOU have planned for this week? Any makeovers on your end?? As always, you got this girl- go for it! 

Likes, shares and kind comments are much appreciated. 

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