How to create a space around custom art

Leaves in the Wind- Authentic, Custom Oil Paintings by Shelby Hohsfield-

Nothing can quite transform a space like a custom piece of art. It can change the mood of the whole space. 

Its been said that the fastest way to make a space look instantly more vibrant, updated, fresh and authentic is to change the art. 

That being said, I have been working on a painting of my daughter...

A few weeks I took the kids for a walk. I told them we were going on an adventure and I wanted them to document it. We gave them our old phones for Christmas to use as cameras and create their own videos. I told them to see what they could find and discover. These were some of my daughters pictures. It turned into her telling me take them mostly, which I was ok with me. 

When we got back I looked through my little girls photos. You never know what your going to find when she gets a hold of a camera. Usually, its filled with the craziest faces of selfies ever. She cracks me up. But to my surprise, I really loved them. I was inspired and set out to create a painting to remember that day and her sweet little face- not in cross-eyed, silly selfie mode. 

Here is a post on the start of the painting... 

Looking for your own custom painting? 

Creating a space around custom art

Normally, my weekends these days are comprised of kids events or home projects on our fixer upper. This Saturday was totally different. My husband was sick, which meant he was in no mood to take anything on or go anywhere. My daughter went to my mommas. My son was happy enough playing his new xbox game. Score! a whole day of momma time! I hardly knew what to do with myself.

I almost started a new painting. This would have been totally in line with my distracted nature, but I changed my mind and went for completion! 

When it was all said in done, I just fell in love with this painting! Just sticking it on the wall I knew was not going to do it justice. So out to my storage barn I went. 

Paintings often look good grounded...

Something to go under the painting was what it needed.

Now, I wouldn't call myself a hoarder by any means- but my storage barn is rather a bit of a massive collection of good finds. Fortunately, I waked right into my Great Grandmother's sewing machine table I had been given. It was a bit worse for wear- clearly it had been used. At first I thought about just covering it, but then I remembered I had a can of Vintage Market Chalk paint. I hadn't used it for the intended project. I guess it was fate. A couple coats of paint and it was good to go. 

I rounded up some other old items I had stowed away- my great grandma's diploma, a picture of my Dad and his grandpa, my grandma and her parents when she was a kid and a picture of my sis, mom and I had to be added. I found an old corbel in my storage shed- the architectural element that has to be there.

 A second source of light is really a must in any room. It changes the mood, and in this case, highlighted the art work. I also had a milk glass lamp I found at an antique shop in upstate NY. I think my husbands family thought I was crazy there. I found so much good stuff including an old grocery scale I almost had shipped home. I still think about it:(.  Instead I settled on dedicating half my suitcase to my treasures. His family just said, "you realize you have to take an airplane back." A antique junkie knows no limits!

And to top it all off, a few great books, all with stories of their own.  

And how perfect was this...

An antique frame, all the right colors with leaves engraved on it! What?

In the end, this painting has created a perfect little moment front and center in my living room- love!

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How do you feel about custom art pieces? Tell me your thoughts on what kind of art you like in your home?? 

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