I'll FlyAway

I'll Fly Away- the underpainting, by Shelby Hohsfield at shelbyathome.com

Women in Art

I have always been drawn to women in art. I think it is because you know they were a muse and they inspired the artist. I like to wonder what they were thinking as the artist took the shot that would be the masterpiece we see today. Surely the women had to be flattered by the attention, or did they know the were the center of attention? 

Some of my favorite art in my home are images of women. I like to think they bring a peace and strength to the space they are in. 

For my current painting.

I drew inspiration from this strong beautiful women, on the edge. I guess the edge does have some correlation right now. My hubby has been out of town all week. You don't realize how much they do until they aren't here. My heart goes out to all you single momma's out there. You deserve an award! It's hard. That along with some work tribulations brought me to a place where I really just needed to paint. She inspired me and the bird just fit in. 

When I was younger, there was this now super funny afternoon that my mom, my sister and I all joke about. It was not funny to my momma at the time, but it is now. She had this old Porsche. It looked really cool, but it was really a big, ol' pos that really didn't run too well. Anyway, she was having a hard time as we all sometimes do. She was frustrated and said half way joking she was just going to get in her car and drive as far as she could go. I, being the smartass I was, said, "oh, so you're going to Bernalillo?" Bernalillo is this itty bitty town about 15 min from here. To this day when any of us is having a hard day we say we are just going to Bernalillo.

After a bit more of a trying day, I sat down to paint. I sent this pic to my mom when I was done. She said, "what's the message?" I said, "I'm flying to Bernalillo."  Lol- 

This is the underpainting.

Check back in to see the finished painting in weeks to come...

I would love to create a piece of art to represent you living your passion- where you feel at home, to remind you not to forget what makes you the special person you are. 

Your Likes, Shares and Kind Comments are much appreciated.