Our Laundry Room Makeover

Who says the Laundry Room can't be your favorite room in the house?!

Mine Totally Is!

Carl and I have been moving from room to room, project to project. As many people find when they are tackling fixers, when you start a project it often opens up Pandora's box of other projects. A few months back, this was the situation we were in. We had our master bedroom in shambles awaiting permit approval, our kitchen wall was still just drywall awaiting plaster cash, our great room was still without a final floor with door hiccups holding it back, a solar project with back order problems, and the list just kept coming. Overwhelm seemed to be my best friend.  

Someone told me when we bought our fixer that you should pick one room and make it yours, that way when you feel like you may be going crazy from living in construction you can escape to that place that is done.

I'm pretty sure she was talking about doing your master bedroom, but like I mentioned, permits had made that an impossibility for us. I needed to finish one room, just one room that didn't involve massive amounts of construction, money, or professional assistance, It didn't need to be the end-all, be-all of the room, but it did need to be as done as it could be for now.

I walked the whole house and finally settled on the laundry room.    

Before the make-over. The Laundry room. Shelbyathome.com
Before  the makeover picture of our Laundry Room- shelbyathome.com

It had good bones, but needed some work. 

The cabinets were, from what I could tell originals to the house. They were in great condition aside from the hideous color. They could use some handles. The counter-top was linoleum, but was white and and in good shape. I've panted cabinets before. While time consuming, I figured I could take them on.

The walls needed paint. Totally do-able.

Lights needed updating. They were tragic and definitely needed an update. I've hung more than a few light. Totally do-able.  

The ceiling was already painted when I sprayed the whole house before we moved in (most miserable job I have ever done in 100 degree heat). That was a big one to check off. Thank you Carl for insisting we do them. '80's dingy peach wasn't going to cut it. 

I decided I needed to caulk around all the beams to clean up the lines. Again, totally doable. 

The biggest project I knew was going to be replacing the utility sink. I had never done that before and was going to need to do some youtubing, but again, do-able. 

All in all, I could do all this and actually complete it. 

and so it began...




Gallery Grey

This is my go-to color. I love it and it goes with everything. I used white caulk to painstakingly fill gaps around the wood beams from the ceiling where they met the wall. The plaster at one time was flush with the beams, but time has a way of changing things. Gaps needed filled. Then the trim around the window was painted white to match the ceiling and the rest of the house. Then Gallery Grey.

Switch Covers

Laying New Brick Floors

Utility Sink



The Washer and Dryer

As a side note, while all the other remodel was going on our washer and dyer decided to give out. I guess it was meant to be. We bought a new, pretty ones. They were a bit of a splurge, but a shiny red washer and dryer was just too fun to pass up.

Picture compliments of Lowe's

Picture compliments of Lowe's


A place to retreat to:

After having project after project making my head go crazy with in-completion it has been so nice to have one room that really didn't neeeed anymore work. Sure, I'd love to a couple things here or there, but it doesn't need it. I think having one room done is really a mind saver. When all the rest starts to get too overwhelming I can just retreat to my laundry room, close the door and remind myself that it all will look like this someday. Who says the Laundry Room can't be your favorite room!


The Finished Laundry Room- shelbyathome.com