9 Tips to Save You When You Paint A Room: Painting our Master Bedroom

Professional Painting Tips: Painting our Master Bedroom and our weekly progress report on our remodel  shelbyathome.com

Painting our Master Bedroom

and our Weekly Progress Report on our Remodel

Phew- this has been a week! Lots going on and unfortunately not as much progress as I would have loved to have seen. In any case, I thought I would share a few tips that may help you before you start your next painting project. I have a good friend who is a professional and she had shared some great expert advice with me. It has all been tested to the max on our remodel.

Just Remember, There is no reason why you can't do this. Painting is really not hard. Just take your time and follow these tips. 

1. Always use a drop cloth! Sounds simple, right?

This step I always think I can skip and always end up paying for it. My professional friend admittedly has said she doesn't always use one, but I am not actually a professional. The big paper rolls are fantastic in this effort. The plastic gets wadded up so easy. The canvas drop cloths are nice (you can find them cheap at Harbor Freight), but I always struggle with cleaning them and storing them and end up just tossing them. The big brown rolls protect perfectly and stay where you tape it. It's cheap and disposable. You can also vacuum dust off it if your project has multiple steps- impossible with plastic. 

2. Frog Tape vs. Blue Tape

The green frog tape you will use to tape down your brown paper and also for barriers. Around door handles that can't be removed, baseboards, walls that you are not painting and where it meets the wall you are, etc. Don't be afraid to use as much as you want. It comes up use. Personally, I think the green frog tape kicks the blue tapes hiney, but that's just my opinion. I think it holds better and no residue.  

3. Caulk can be your Best Friend

Anywhere you have a viga (wood beams) meeting the wall you need caulk. I though I discovered this all on my own. When I talked to a professional friend turns out I was not the first to realize this. They do it on all their jobs. Against baseboards, around windows and doors, it really just makes it look so much more clean and professional. They make it in a wide array of colors including white and clear. The also make a great tool for caulk that smooths it into the corners. DO NOT use your fingers no matter how tempted you are to just wing it. Buy the tool! Take a look at the difference in these pics.  

Before and After Pictures of Caulking 

4. Take the time to patch those holes

Seems basic, but you will kick yourself later if you don't do it. You can buy a simple tub of wall patch plaster and use a tool to smooth them over. Easy, not the funnest job, but worth it.

5. Sanding

This is not necessary for everyone, but if you are painting a wall that has been recently plastered like ours you may want to run a bit of sandpaper over it. This is something that many plasterers will do, but giving it that extra once over can make a big smoothing difference. Smooth plaster is very fashionable right now. A sand paper block can usually be found near where they sell plaster at Lowes. Watch out! It can make a dusty mess. Make sure to cover everything before you get started. 

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6. Paint

Buy good paint. One with a primer in it will really make a difference. I painted my whole last house with a cheapo paint and it was miserable. 5 coats instead of one or two can make a big difference in your sanity. I have always been a big fan of picking more neutral colors. You can be loud with pillows, wall art and other decor and the wall will not over power it. It also gives you the opportunity to change your mind regularly on style and room color details without having to break out the paint bucket again. My favorite is Gallery Grey by Valspar at Lowes. Don't forget to mix your paint. It does separate and can make for a headache if you don't mix well.

7. Do all your cutting in first

This means your brush work. Use a 2" or 2 1/2" angles brush to do all the edges first. This takes the most time of anything you will do painting, but will make the biggest difference in whether your job looks professional or not. Take the time to do it right. go slow, pay attention and go for it. 

8. Ready, Set, Roll!

Last big step- roll. Work your way across a wall going in a /\/\/\/\ motion to cover all your bases. Don't get in too big of a hurry or you will get a lot of splatter. Using a disposable insert in your painting tray can make for easy clean up. 

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9. Mini Mess-ups and Cleanup

Baby wipes. I know it sounds silly, but those things are amazing! How they can softly clean a baby's hiney and decimate disasters is a mystery I will never understand. In any case, they work wonders on little spills here and there. Go slow when removing tape so as to know pull off the paint anywhere. Fold your paper drop clothe inward. You don't want to dump any dust onto the floor you've been working to protect.

Extra Tip: If you are not quite done, you can always put the brushes in ziplocks in the fridge until the next day and they won't dry out. 

Our Progress

I wish we were just slamming through this project, but it has been slow going! Currently, we have finally gotten the caulking done and my job tomorrow evening after work is to paint. McKenna helped me paper the floors and I am finishing sanding the plaster tonight to prepare to paint. Carl is going to help out with that step. I have bought some of my bedding. I can't so the Anthropologie quilt I wanted :(. We had the fences on both sides of our rental blow down at the beginning of this month. Estimates are coming in and I think its going to be about $1400 to replace them. Ugh!! I found a great alternative at Home Goods that I really like. This weekend I think will be the headboard project. Our progress pics are below...

Before and During Our Remodel Pics 

Have you had a painting misshap? Share a good story in the comments!

Shares mean a lot- thanks for reading!