Custom Painting and Drawings

Custom Painting and Drawings


Custom made just for you. 

The $10 is your place holder in line. 

Savor the best  of country life- 

Keep the memories of our fondest animals and country moments  forever encapsulated in a painting. Life is too short and moments are too fleeting. You need to bottle up that perfect day under God's sky with the people and animals you love most and put them on a canvas to charish forever. Something that represents your country soul. 

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The Process

  • As your checking out please fill out the form in detail of what you are looking for in your custom painting. What will the subject be, what style do you like, what feeling your looking for, and where will it go and to whom?
  • When I receive the order I will give you a call and discuss the design. I want to make sure I understand what exactly you are looking for and how I can make that possible for you.  
  • If we are going from a picture (which is my preferred method) I will request that you send the photo via email to me. Include any additional info with the email.
  •  I'll email you back a rough sketch and pricing.
  • Turn around time currently is about 1 month from the time I receive the photo.
  • I will send you link to checkout when the artwork is complete. 
  • Once payment is received I will send your custom artwork to you. 

Pricing is typically $3  a square inch. The size of the canvas is up to you. I use all wrapped canvases that do not require a frame, although a frame is always a nice touch. A standard size may be preferable if you are wanting to frame it.

I am a figure painter meaning I prefer to have one or two main subjects in the painting that have a great deal of detail. I like to keep the backgrounds very loose. I love doing pet/ livestock portraits!

Working together, I can help to design a piece that fits your style and budget!