Taking on a home design challenge alone can be very overwhelming even for the most confident home owner. Sometimes we know what we love, we know what we want, but we need another voice of reason there for encouragement to implement our ideas. another set of eyes and advice to coach us along. When designing our fixer-upper I had my sister, momma and sister-in-law on a constant text thread just to give me the reassurance I needed to pull the trigger with many of my harder design decisions. 

There is no reason to go it alone- Take the path to good design with a whole lounge of individuals and myself. 

What you get in The Design Lounge:

  • Access to a secret Facebook group of like minded individuals seeking and receiving design inspiration
  • Unlimited design consultation in a group setting 
  • Exclusive design tip of the day from myself 
  • Feedback on all things design- snap a picture of your space, post it, and  get instant feedback from myself and others on ideas on where to go

Perfect for those with on-going projects that need on-going support

The Design Lounge- Design consultation Group