About Shelby at home

I want Shelby at Home to be a window into the creative world, to make creating beautiful spaces and having Cherished items easy to obtain.

Spaces- that is what makes Shelby at Home unique. Each week I put together a beautiful space filled with items to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Each space has a theme to satisfy a world of interests. Items are all interactive with stories of their own-

The best part is all items are at your fingertips!

Items in the space can either be purchased at Shelby at Home, Linked to another site where it can be purchased, or DIY'd. The problem of creating a beautiful space of your own is solved.

People are constantly asking me about my home and the progress I have made with it. We purchased a huge fixer upper about 2 years ago. Each project we tackle is like a drop in the ocean and I admit, can be hugely overwhelming. I spent some time feeling like we have gotten no where despite knowing how much we have done. Then I had an aha moment- 

celebrating each space that is complete and enjoying each space that is done is the secret to a fixer upper. one space at a time. 

I need to share this progress, for my own sanity and because I love to share what I have learned and the things that make me happy in our home. Shelby at Home was born out of this need.

I like to highlight special spaces and make them possible for anyone to obtain.

about me

"Your job does not have to define you. You can be and are an amazing person aside from that," my husband said.

"So what is it that you love?

When someone asks you about yourself it does not have to be just about work." I was sitting on the kitchen counter having a bit of a meltdown about my life and where I was at. I had just decided to leave my job. Because it was all wrapped up, this was also the time I let one of businesses go and a friendship along with it. I was lost and confused and really felt like I did not know who I was anymore. The last 3 years had been about this business. It has consumed me. Before that I was having my two beautiful babies and that had consumed me.  Before that I was going to college, working 2 jobs and trying figure out how to survive in the real world and that consumed me. Now, here I was with nothing to consume me but the big elephant in the room question, who are you?  When I really thought about who I was at the core I would say I was a country girl and an artist- funny thing was I had not rode a horse or painted a picture in a decade. My husband’s words were a bit of an epiphany moment, an 'a ha' moment. This began my journey toward reconnecting with myself and mindful self-discovery. Aside from work and aside from the complexities of life, what is it that makes my heart sing.

What I found, number one is I am a creative designer.

I am not just an artist or someone that likes to decorate or project coordinator. I love to create! I love to create paintings, and furniture, and excel spreadsheets, calendars, businesses, and websites. It doesn't matter what it is, I love to design and create. Benefits of this, I am full of great ideas and very excited about getting started- A real entrepreneur. I love being the boss because it aloes me the freedom to create to plans and strategies. I love looking at problems and seeing how I can create a way to improve it. I love taking on new challenges and creating results that I can see. The word ‘project’ gets me excited. Being stagnant is not my forte. Maintaining after it is created is mind numbing. I have to be creating, have to be moving forward. That's why I love painting. Every brush stroke is creating. When the painting is done I don't have to only look at that one for the rest of my life. I can move on to the next creation. I am a creative designer.

Next, I have to have a purpose.

Oprah says you have to live your life's purpose and you if you don't know what your life's purpose is then you first step is to figure it out!

Absolutely.  I believe our purpose has to come from our heart. As I look back, the reason why some of the efforts I wanted to work out so badly did not because I was not doing them from the heart. Whether it was a sense of duty or stubborn determination, or like the failed business I talked about earlier, because my mind said 'it makes sense.' But if it doesn’t come from the heart it can’t be your purpose. My heart is a lot quieter than my mind. Until I learned more about myself I couldn't hear what my heart had to say.

I know my purpose. My purpose is to create and inspire others to create. I have built a community where I can share my knowledge and my heart. I love to inspire individuals to get in touch with their creative side and the creative in them. I love to encourage people to connect with their own hearts purpose. I love to inspire others, Whether it is to make their house prettier, their life easier, or on a deeper level to connect with their soul.

I am a creative designer and My mission is to inspire others to create, connect with their souls and to live their best life, where they feel free and their heart feels at home.

This is Shelby at home

Follow me through my creative projects- art adventures, home remodel, and daily life hacks with myself and those I love.

 Shelby Hohsfield, Creative Designer

Shelby Hohsfield, Creative Designer